A few more weeks will probably pass before new dates are announced for the GDS fair in Düsseldorf next year. The final verdict may depend on the reactions to the launch of a new leathergoods show, called Great Leather Show (GLS), by Messe Düsseldorf to take place on the same dates and on the same venue as the GDS shoe fair.

The combination resembles the long-standing cooperation between the MICAM and MIPEL fairs in Milan. Handbags, belts, gloves and other small leathergoods, luggage, travel accessories, umbrellas, college and office items will be presented by about 250 firms in an area adjacent to the GDS halls. The elderly Armin Stader, who successfully led the GDS for many years, is running the new GLS project, according to Schuhkurier.

Meanwhile, the Asia Pacific Leather Fair in Hong Kong has decided to cancel the second session of its new Fashion First fair in Brussels, which was originally scheduled for June 20-22, following discussion with some major industry associations. The next session is scheduled to take place on Jan. 10-12, 2006, with many key companies from China and India planning to exhibit there.