Performing beyond expectations, the new international online ordering platform for Spanish shoes has already registered more than 1,200 buyers in several countries around the world. The Spanish shoe industry federation (Fice), which launched the new project last August, says that some 70 new retailers are joining the platform on average each week.

Of all the buyers screened and accepted by Fice so far, 80 percent were not Spanish. Out of them, 24 percent are French, 20 percent Italian, 7 percent based in North America and 6 percent from Germany. In the next months, Fice will conduct an intense communication campaign wooing shoe and apparel retailers, particularly in Europe and the U.S., where Spanish footwear enjoys a good image.

The campaign will be amplified in connection with the shoe shows that will be taking place early next year. Shoes from Spain B2B will have information stands at theMicam in Milan, FN Platform in Las Vegas, Momad Shoes in Madrid, the Poznan Fashion Fair in Poland and the Shoes from Spain Exhibition in Tokyo.

Fice also started a campaign in November to attract new Spanish brands to the website. There are currently 30 suppliers including important names like Pons Quintana, Kanna, Lola Cruz, Fluchos and Martinelli. Together, they are offering more than 2,500 products for sale on the international online platform, which uses systems developed by Webhelp Payment Services and Uppler.