Gore-Tex’ new "Surround" technology has recently been introduced with three selected footwear partners, Ara, Clarks and Primigi. Test markets as of now are Italy, Germany and the U.K. in co-operation with selected local retailers. The new product technology is open to more premium brands effective spring/summer 2010.

The idea behind Surround is that breathability and moisture management should not be the job of just the upper material, but of the sole as well. The innovative feature is a large open surface on a unique sole attached to the upper assembly. The result of Surround technology is that moisture can also escape through the sole, enabling the foot to remain cool and dry.

An added value of the innovation comes from the fact that it allows shoe designers to make the new technology visible and to play with this feature in a creative way. The brands may find new ways to develop innovative sole designs. Gore officials, however, emphasize the fact that their Surround technology is by no means similar to Geox’ famous sole.