Grendene, the Brazilian company that owns the Ipanema, Melissa, Grendha and Rider brands, has launched Zaxy in Europe, presenting it at the GDS show in Düsseldorf for sale in the stores from spring/summer 2015. Grendene has been able to sell more than 30 million pairs under this brand since it introduced it in Brazil three years ago.

The target group for this trendy and colorful brand of sandals is represented by girls aged 15 to 25. The collection offered to European retailers comprises 18 styles in 7 different colors. It is manufactured in Brazil.

The distribution of the Zaxy brand will be handled by 33 Joints in the U.K. (see separate article on this company in this issue), by Proged in Spain, by Intermax in Poland, by Koski in Denmark and by Salici in Sweden. In all other markets, such as Italy, Germany, the U.S. and Japan, the distribution will be carried mostly by the same companies that are selling Ipanema and the other brands of Grendene except for Melissa, for which the Brazilian company is working together with different distributors because the brand is mainly sold to fashion boutiques.