Hermès International’s turnover rose in the 2nd quarter by 18.9 percent to €306 million, marking a strong acceleration from the 7.7 percent rate of the first quarter like the sales of Tod’s, Gucci, LVMH and other companies involved in the luxury goods business. Over the full first half sales increased by 13.0 percent to €620.5 million, with a growth of 16.7 percent on a comparable basis at constant rates, with US sales up by 26.2 percent, Asian sales up by 19.7 percent and European sales up by 9.7 percent.

Sales of ready-to-wear and accessories, including shoes, rose by 13.1 percent to €55.2 million in the 2nd quarter and generated €127.1 million over the 6-month period, up 8.2 percent. Viewed geographically, second-quarter sales rose in local currencies by 15.4 percent in France, by 22.6 percent in the rest of Europe, by 11.5 percent in Japan, by 42.7 percent in the rest of the Asia-Pacific region and by 24.7 percent in the Americas. For the full first half, the growth was only marginally higher than in the quarter in Japan at 14 percent and in the Americas at 26.2 percent.