Gucci has opened its first store in the SoHo district of Manhattan, turning a 155-year-old former pencil factory into a high-end luxury retail destination. Located on Wooster Street, the 10,000-square-foot Gucci store displays all kinds of items under its brand throughout the store on decoratively embellished furniture pieces. The store is the first one to offer Gucci DIY (Do It Yourself), a new customization service that allows shoppers to personalize unisex luggage items as well as the brand's Ace sneaker with different colors and fabrics, using augmented reality to preview the results in real time on their iPad or iPhone. The application is also available on and will be installed at other Gucci stores around the world from September In the Soho store, ccustomers are also invited to an immersive brand experience in a comfortable projection room, fitted with 3D video screens and special headphones, that will also serve as a stage for various artistic projects.