HDS/L, the German shoe and leathergoods industry association, voted for a new management at its annual general meeting that was held on May 31 in Düsseldorf. Carl-August Seibel, chief executive of Josef Seibel, was elected as the new chairman, replacing Ralph Rieker, CEO of the Ricosta shoe company, who held the position for the past ten years and remains on the executive board of HDS/L. Achim Bruder, CEO of Abro, remains chairman of the leathergoods industry association, which belongs to HDS/L. Thomas Bauerfeind, CEO of Berkemann, and Patrick Welsch from Stratic Lederwaren were newly elected as members of the executive board. Stefan Markert from Carl Semler Schuhfabrik and Thomas Schmies from Ara Shoes were approved as deputy chairmen for the next ten years. Christiane Brunk, CEO of the Braun leathergoods company, replaces Thomas Picard as deputy chairman of the leathergoods industry association. Further members of the HDS/L executive board are Achim Gabor from Gabor Shoes, Michael Huth from Steitz Secura, Harald Riess from Rieker, Ralph Wolter from Waldi Schuhfabrik, Karl Sedlmeyer from Adidas, Johann Ederer from Parat and Achim Schulz from Britax-Römer. In the framework of its general meeting, Manfred Junkert, managing director of HDS/L, thanked Ralph Rieker. During Rieker's presidency, HDS/L was integrated into the T+M, the German textile and fashion industry federation, to represent the common interests of the shoe and apparel sector at the political level in Berlin. As part of this process, HDS/L's office moved from Offenbach to Berlin in mid-2015. Prior to this move, the German association of leathergoods manufacturers had joined forces with the former HDS to create HDS/L.