In a preliminary report, CCC said that its total revenues increased by 14 percent in 2018 to about 3.86 billion zlotys (€901m-$1.024bn). In a separate document, the Polish-based shoe retailing group stated that its German subsidiary had a loss of €15 million in the first nine months of last year, indicating why it has made a strategic agreement with the Hamm-Reno Group that includes the transfer of its German stores to the group. As previously reported, CCC is acquiring a 30 percent interest in the HR Group for €5.8 billion. According to CCC, the HR Group had an Ebitda margin of 4.5 percent in the financial year ended on Sept. 30 on net revenues of €370 million, of which less than 5 percent came from online sales. The HR Group sold around 13 million pairs, of which 67 percent were private label items, and many of them will be made at CCC's own factories in the future.