International companies have been using the All China Leather Exhibition as their prime conduit into the China market for the past 12 years. This year's event started last Wednesday Sept. 1in Shanghai. As in previous years ACLE runs alongside two other substantial, and related, trade events, the China International Footwear Fair and Moda Shanghai. Organizers expect as many as 14,000 visitors this year, with 1,005 exhibitors coming from 39 countries and regions. The exhibition space has expanded by 35 percent for this year. Brazil, Italy and Pakistan all have substantially bigger presences, and Turkey's exhibition area is 40 percent bigger, France's is 39 percent bigger, and Brazil's is 28 percent larger. The Italian pavilion is 64 percent larger, the Indian pavilion is 2.3 times larger, and the Taiwan Footwear Manufacturers Association is 2.6 times bigger than in 2009. Eighty-three exhibitors are making their first appearance at the show. ACLE is a joint venture between APLF, the company responsible for the leather industry's global meeting place in Hong Kong, held every March, and the China Leather Industry Association, the trade association for the leather sector in China.