About 10 years ago, the R. Griggs Group, which owns the rights to the famous British brand of German origin, strongly denied a rumor about the sale of Dr. Martens, although at least one of our subscribers had been approached to sound out the feasibility of such a transaction. Most likely, the Griggs family was unwilling to go ahead with it at the time because the company was not yet in good shape.

Things are apparently different now. Under the leadership of David Suddens, who has completely changed the sourcing and upgraded the collections, Dr. Martens Airwair reached a turnover of £110 million (€132.4m-$174.1m) last year, according to reports in the British press, 33 percent more than in the prior year. At the same time, its pre-tax profit tripled to £15.3 million (€18.4m-$24.2m).

According to these reports, the Griggs family has for the time being mandated one of the Rothschild investment banks to try to find a buyer for the company at an offer price of £120 million (€144.4m-$190.0m). In their usual style, Dr. Martens officials are decling any comments. They have been repeatedly withholding any financial information.