Gusella, an Italian retailer specializing in footwear for children up to 14 years old, has gone bankrupt. The group was founded in 1929 and had 11 stores in Lombardy and Parma.

Diego Moscato, who is charge of the liquidation of the company, has called for expressions of interest to rent or buy for the group's stores. There are four stores in central Milan – 350 square meters in Corso Vercelli, 210 square meters in Corso di Porta Romana, 365 square meters in Corso di San Gottardo and 70 square meters in Via Orefici. It also has a store in Bergamo, 100 square meters; one in Brescia, 100 square meters; two in Monza, 250 square meters and 50 square meters; one in Parma, 200 square meters; one in Pavia, 210 square meters; and one in Varese, 136 square meters.

The liquidator will also examine any offers for the brands Gusella, Gusellino and Cose Comode, which have been registered in Italy and abroad. He can be contacted by email at The group's stock is also up for sale until the end of September.