Italian tax police in the Northern city of Bergamo has shut down the e-commerce platform, which was selling more than 65,000 fashion products including handbags, shoes, belts and eyewear, after a judge signed a seizure order because of its criminal activities in the trade and introduction of counterfeit products to the country. The website, which was managed by a Chinese firm, offered 128 brands claiming to include Armani, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Ferrari, Rolex, Moncler, D&G., Gucci, Fendi, Adidas, Bulgari, Cartier, Diesel, Ray Ban, Versace, Hogan, Cavalli, Nike, Oakley and Kappa. Questioned by Italian authorities, some of the licensees of these brands conceded that the fake products had been extremely well manufactured. In addition, the selling prices were not low enough to arouse suspicions when compared to the official market prices for the originals. On the other hand, some of the items on the website were not imitations of existing official products and it is rare, for example, that fashion houses such as Chanel or Louis Vuitton sell their clothing over the web.