Joya and Kybun have recently signed a cooperation agreement. The Swiss brands of comfort shoes will from now on have a common warehouse in order to serve customers faster and more efficiently. In order to meet the planned expansion outside its domestic market, Switzerland, Kybun will move to additional offices at Joya's subsidiary in Konstanz, Germany. Joya will implement various customer services for Germany, Austria and Switzerland on behalf of Kybun. Joya and Kybun plan joint so-called health centers focusing on healthy exercise, where the brands' products will be marketed and sold. The first Kybun Joya Health Center will open in Switzerland in January 2019 in Arbon. In March, a second health center will follow in St. Gallen, Switzerland. In the long term, Joya and Kybun plan to expand the concept into a worldwide franchise system. Karl Müller, the Swiss mechanical engineer who launched Masai Barefoot Technology (MBT) in 1996 and sold it ten years later to an American investment fund, developed the Kybun brand after the sale of MBT. His son Karl launched the Joya brand of comfort shoes at the same time.