Joya and Kybun, the Swiss brands of comfort shoes, have developed a common retail concept. Matthias Müller – son of Karl Müller, the founder of the MBT brand of comfort shoes – will be managing the recently introduced retail concept as well as directing the new joint venture Kybun Joya Retail. Joya and Kybun already have three Kybun Joya stores in Switzerland, all opened in the past nine months. Kybun Joya Retail plans to open two additional stores in Spain and another in Italy in the near future. Consumers can test Kybun and Joya shoes for 14 days and return them if not satisfied. Kybun and Joya have also launched a common social media campaign on Google, Facebook and YouTube to support its new retail concept. The retail concepts of Kybun Joya can be implemented at different levels. The investment can range from about €140,000 for a store of 120 square meters to €28,000 for a shop-in-shop.