Julia C. Hummel, daughter of Bernd D. Hummel, will be new vice chief executive of the German company Bernd Hummel GmbH. The company owns the brand Flip Flop and is the German-based licensee for the KangaROOS brand for distribution in 16 European countries. Hans Bimesdörfer, general sales manager, left Bernd Hummel GmbH on June 1 after working for the company since 1984. He started as sales representative and left as member of the executive board and as representative of Bernd Hummel, who is CEO. Birmesdörfer was responsible for managing the sales team and mentoring the company's key accounts. The company is seeking a new corporate identity to go with its modified brand management, the new segmentation of the brands' collections, the restructuring of the sales department, and the reflection on the brand's heritage as the key to success. Julia Hummel, 32, has worked as managing director at Bernd Hummel Holding GmbH since 2008. She had a strong influence on the development of the brand KangaROOS and its licensing, communication, marketing and collections. Prior to this, she was responsible for the development and store management of the Flip Flop store in Amsterdam and the e-commerce for Flip Flop and KangaROOS. Anne-Kathrin Hummel, Julia's sister, is CEO of Flip Flop and has been a member of the executive board of the holding company since 2007. The executive board of the holding comprises Bernd Hummel and his daughters; Flip Flop's manangement is Bernd and Anne-Kathrin Hummel.