Keen has acquired full ownership of Keen Europe, the German-based company set up by Richard Litzel in 2004 to distribute the products of the fast-growing 4-year-old American footwear brand. Litzel, an industry veteran who previously ran Reebok Central Europe and Arena International, apparently felt that he had done his job, building a profitable platform for future growth. He has set up a comprehensive sales network covering 26 different countries in Europe that delivered growth of more than 50 percent in 2006. Keen’s products are now sold in about 1,500 doors throughout the continent, and orders in hand are as high as last year’s total European turnover, but no specific figures could be obtained. Pending the nomination of a successor, Litzel will continue to work for Keen as a consultant, working closely with the company’s recently appointed president, Kirk Richardson, and with its international director, Pepe Lozano. Industry sources indicate that he is not yet ready to retire.