Künzli, the Swiss brand of sneakers, has created a subsidiary with a factory in Albania, for the production of its shoe collections. Künzli's shoes have been made in Switzerland since 1927, outsourcing the stitching in the country and assembling the products in-house. Stitching and assembly are now combined in a new factory in Albania. The reorganization has led to the elimination of six positions in production and shipping in Switzerland. Product development, the production of samples as well as marketing, sales and administration remain at the company's headquarters in Switzerland. Alfred Ludi will manage the new Künzli operation in Albania. He will build up his team with about 20 employees by July. Künzli is believed to be the first non-Italian shoe company that is setting up its own production in Albania. Künzli markets roughly 80 different shoe models in 20 sizes. Each year, the company launches 20 new style variations and 10 completely new shoe models.