One day, while visiting Warwick Castle, Lancelot Clark spent hours watching a shoe-maker who displayed his skills by producing hand-made replicas of medieval footwear. The encounter led to the launch of Peter Prince, a high-quality young-style footwear line designed by the eponymous shoe-maker, and marketed by Lance Clark. Already introduced in Japan last year, the men’s and women’s range will be sold in about 10 fashion-oriented UK stores and shown at several fairs in the UK and the USA over the coming weeks.

Prince draws his inspiration from medieval lasts that were retrieved from the banks of the Thames a few years back, as well as other archives dating back to the 13th century. However, he adds a resolutely modern and informal touch to the uppers. Some of the shoes are hand-made by Peter Prince in his workshop while others are hand-sewn in Morocco.

Lance Clark, a prominent member of the family that owns Clarks, has a host of other interests, including United Nude, the sandals company run by his son Galahad, and Terraplana, a footwear range launched in collaboration with a Dutch architect.