Lectra, the French manufacturer of textile-cutting machines and a producer of computer design equipment, has reported an operating loss of €3.2 million and a turnover of €37.6 million, down by 30 percent, for the first quarter of 2009. The company attributed this to a marked decrease in sales of new systems and a decline in sales of spare parts and consumables despite a reduction in general fixed expenses. All the sectors of Lectra’s business, from clothing and furniture to vehicles and aeronautics, were affected. Lectra pointed out that several of its customers had been affected by the economic downturn, reducing costs and freezing or deferring their investments. The company is expecting another operating loss in the second quarter and might review the level of its general fixed expenses if the impact of the financial crisis becomes bigger. To get through the crisis, Lectra is hoping to rely more on its innovations that are designed to help companies surmount the challenges in their market. They include the new version of Kaledo, a new generation of design solutions that will be available from this summer after being presented at the Imb trade show, or a new version its new range of cutting systems called Vector FX Extended.