The Left Shoe Company of Finland has announced the opening of its first American flagship store, offering a full service for custom-made men's shoes. The 1,700-square-foot store is located in Los Angeles at 8473D Melrose Avenue, in a world-renowned shopping area. Previously called Left Foot Company, the firm developed, many years ago, a sophisticated system to make made-to-measure shoes, with financial support from the European Commission. It was founded in Helsinki in 1998, where it opened its first store, and was renamed and re-branded as The Left Shoe Company in the autumn of 2010.

Led by Erkan Fere, the company already has stores in London, Dubai, Naples, Copenhagen, Grosswallstadt in Germany, and Kobe in Japan. The new flagship in Los Angeles features innovative 3D scanners, a design studio to select the most suitable style from a range of dressy shoes, and a lounge with bar, allowing customers to enjoy a fully personalized shopping experience. In a statement, the company said that the opening in Los Angeles is to respond to the high demand among U.S. consumers for custom-made luxury men's shoes. It plans to open its second U.S. location next year in New York City.

The Left Shoe Company says it wants to combine yesterday's craftsmanship with today's state of the art technology. Customers get their feet measured with a 3D scanner. Customized design specifications are then sent to Europe for production by master craftsmen of an individual pair, and the shoes are then shipped to the customer's address within 6-7 weeks. The appearance and character of a shoe can be personalized by selecting all sorts of materials and details such as calfskin, suede or grain leather, a range of colors, the width of the instep, the presence of a welt and the thickness and material of the sole.

The Melrose location is offering 23 styles at its launch, available in ten colors and materials with six different sole options. The store also sells accessories such as belts, socks, and shoe-care items such as brushes and polish.