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    Covid-vaccinated Europeans to enter France freely from June 9


    Europeans vaccinated against Covid-19 will be able to enter France without a PCR test from June 9, said the Transport Minister Jean-Baptiste Djebbari . From June 9 “vaccinated Europeans can come to France without a PCR test,” he said in an interview with the television CNEWS . ...

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    Japan prolongs state of emergency to June 20


    The Japanese government has extended a state of emergency in Tokyo and other areas of the country due to the Covid-19 pandemic to June 20, just over a month before the planned start of the Toyko Olympics on July 23. The restrictive measures currently in place, which are less ...

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    Blockchain technology: hype or helpful?


    Blockchain technology (BT) is generally associated with cryptocurrencies, but it is rapidly being adopted in other sectors to streamline bureaucracy and foster transparency. In February 2019, the Italian industry ministry announced plans to set up, jointly with the computer giant IBM , a national scheme using BT to guarantee the ...

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    Russia postpones to June 15 deadline to sell unlabeled shoes


    The Russian government has once again pushed back the deadline for retailers to sell stocks of unlabeled footwear. The new date is June 15. Labeling shoes with special electronic tags became mandatory in Russia on June 1, 2020. As of April this year, 82,000 companies have registered with the ...

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    World Footwear helps shoemakers to deal with Brexit


    The Portuguese shoe industry association, Apiccaps , has posted a useful guide on the website of World Footwear with practical checklists for shoe exporters and importers on how to deal with the new trade agreement between the U.K. and the European Union. It also organized a few days ...

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    European Parliament to vote on Brexit deal April 27


    On April 27, the European Parliament will vote on the post-Brexit trade deal agreed between the EU and the U.K., its spokesman, Jaume Duch , said on Twitter. EU lawmakers are expected to clear the deal, which faces an end-April deadline for approval and was backed last week by ...

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    Bleyer files for insolvency


    Bleyer , a German producer of sports shoes for special activities, has filed for temporary insolvency because of cash problems caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The company, which employs 21 people, and its web store will continue to operate like before, hoping that the current restrictions on sports and dance ...

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    Alibaba settles with Chinese anti-trust authorities


    The Alibaba Group has agreed to make it easier for merchants to do business with it, without preventing them from using other platforms, as part of a series of ”comprehensive rectifications” demanded by Chinese anti-trust regulators, which charged it of abusing its dominant market position. The Chinese internet ...

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    U.S. patent office finds Timberland’s iconic boot design too generic


    The U.S. Patent Office’s Trademark Trial and Appeal Board denied a bid by VF Corp. to register the design of Timberland ’s iconic Yellow Boot , concluding that it lacks sufficient acquired distinctiveness. The board noted that there was no evidence that competitors were trying to intentionally copy the ...

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    Goldstar chalks up legal victories over Birkenstock


    The Silvagni family that owns the Goldstar brand has sent its customers and retailers a letter to inform them of a string of European court sentences that have seen it come out ahead in a long-standing legal battle with Birkenstock , which is being taken over by companies ...

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    The French antitrust clears Beaumanoir’s purchase of La Halle stores


    The French antitrust agency, Autorité de la Concurrence, has authorized without conditions the purchase of 366 stores of the apparel and footwear chain La Halle by Beaumanoir . The agency noted that some of the stores will retain the La Halle name while others will be rebranded ...

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    ​Mario Valentino wins trademark infringement case against Farfetch


    Mario Valentino , an Italian producer of shoes, handbags and leather goods, has won a case in the Milan court against the e-retailer Farfetch UK and Modes , a boutique owner affiliated with Farfetch, for the improper use of the brand name Valentino . According to the terms ...

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    Myanmar violence raises sourcing concerns


    Many sports and fashion brands that have shifted part of their sourcing for apparel and footwear to Myanmar because of its lower labor costs are watching with awe the consequences of the recent military coup in the country. According to observers, it may be difficult for some of them to ...

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    EU plans to introduce a cross-border Covid pass by the summer


    On March 17, the European Commission unveiled plans to create the so-called “Digital Green Certificate” to facilitate free movement inside the European Union during the Covid-19 pandemic. The certificate will be a proof that a person has been vaccinated against the virus, received a negative test result or recovered ...

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    UK lawmakers call for garment industry watchdog to combat labor abuses


    British lawmakers have called for the creation of a garment industry watchdog to stop labor abuses at suppliers to fashion industry retailers such as Boohoo , saying voluntary codes to tackle exploitation are not working. Parliament’s cross-party Environmental Audit Committee (EAC), which has been investigating fashion sustainability for the ...

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    Trump sues Marc Fisher


    Trump Organization , the company of the former U.S. president, Donald Trump, is suing Marc Fisher Footwear for allegedly unpaid rent. The shoe maker has a showroom on the 21 st floor of the Trump Tower in New York. Trump Organization is seeking $1.47 million from ...

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    Germany plans to protect human rights in global supply chains


    On March 3, the German federal government approved a bill that aims to force local companies to respect human rights in their global supply chain. Parliament is expected to pass the draft legislation, commonly referred to as the Supply Chain Act, by the middle of the year. The legislation ...

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    Three German retail associations merge to have more clout


    Three German retail associations BTE (representing apparel), BDSE (footwear) and BLE (leathergoods) have decided to merge this year to form the BTE Handelsverband Textil, Schuh, Lederwaren . The combination will give the new assocation more clout in defending the interests of their members “alongside and in line ...

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    The U.K. to regulate the “buy now pay later” market


    The British government announced that the increasingly popular interest-free ”buy now pay later” (BNPL) credit agreements will be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in order to protect consumers. The government noted that the volume of transactions involving BNPL solutions more than tripled in 2020 as the ...

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    Another legal victory for the Moon Boot


    Tecnica Group has won a second court verdict in Italy to protect the intellectual property rights behind its Moon Boot , and it is now planning to carry the fight to other countries as well, starting with Germany and Italy. The Milan Tribunal ruled on Jan. 25 that the ...