E-commerce giant Amazon and the Italian fashion group Valentino filed a joint lawsuit against New York-based Kaitlyn Pan Group for allegedly counterfeiting the Valentino Garavani Rockstud shoes and selling them online. The lawsuit was Amazon’s first joint litigation with a luxury fashion brand and Valentino’s first with an online retailer.

After Amazon closed Kaitlyn Pan’s seller account in September 2019, Valentino and Amazon allege Kaitlyn Pan continues to import, distribute, sell, and offer infringing products on its own site, despite multiple notices of infringement and a cease-and-desist order. They claim Kaitlyn Pan also attempted to apply for a U.S. trademark for its alleged copycat Valentino Garavani Rockstud shoes, “flagrantly and willfully disregarding Valentino’s intellectual property.” Valentino will receive any proceeds from the suit.

Amazon says that it strictly prohibits counterfeit products and in 2019 invested more than $500 million and had more than 8,000 employees protecting its store from fraud and abuse, including counterfeiting and intellectual property infringing products.