The Silvagni family that owns the Goldstar brand has sent its customers and retailers a letter to inform them of a string of European court sentences that have seen it come out ahead in a long-standing legal battle with Birkenstock, which is being taken over by companies linked to the French luxury fashion group LVMH.

For the last five years, Birkenstock has unsuccessfully sought to register in Europe a tread pattern Goldstar also uses on its soles, as the Italian company has contested its attempt to gain trademark rights. The dispute has been brought before the European Court of Justice, as well as courts in Paris, Milan, Munich and the Hague in the Netherlands, the Silvagni family said.

“In various courts, most recently that of Paris with the sentence of Jan. 29, we have shown that it is a sole we have used for 40 years, and that therefore we can use it in a completely legitimate way,” said Elvio Silvagni. Alongside Goldstar, through the company Silver 1, the Silvagni family also owns the ValleverdeRafting Goldstar and Biochic brands.