Luis Onofre was re-elected for three years as president of Apiccaps, the Portuguese association grouping manufacturers of footwear, components and leathergoods.

Onofre said that at a time when Europe is discussing its reindustrialization it is important that Portugal creates the conditions to ”definitively assert itself as a leader in the development of integrated solutions for the footwear cluster.”

The Portuguese footwear and leathergoods industry consists of more than 1,762 companies, totalling 44,161 workers. The sector exports over 90 percent of its production, equivalent to €2,044 million in 2019. The country’s production of footwear and leathergoods is concentrated in the north of the country around the town of Porto, in the municipalities of Felgueiras, Guimarães, Santa Maria da Feira, Oliveira de Azeméis and São João da Madeira. The five municipalities represent more than three quarters of the industry’s employment. There is a smaller cluster in the center of the country in Benedita,