The French antitrust agency, Autorité de la Concurrence, has authorized without conditions the purchase of 366 stores of the apparel and footwear chain La Halle by Beaumanoir.

The agency noted that some of the stores will retain the La Halle name while others will be rebranded as Beaumanoir. It added that in areas where the stores are located, consumers will still have access to alternative offers from equivalent chains such as Kiabi, Gémo, Zara, Bizzbee, Camaïeu, Promod, Mango or H&M. This will ensure that the enlarged Beaumanoir group will not be incited to increase the prices or lower the quality of its goods.

La Halle, which was owned by the Vivarte group, was placed into a safeguard procedure on April 21, 2020, to protect it from creditors. On July 8, a Paris-based court selected Beaumanoir, a French fashion group that owns the brands MorganCache CacheBréalBonobo and Vib’s, to take over a large part of La Halle’s assets.