With its appointment of Alenka Klarica to the position of chief commercial officer, Legero United – the Austrian-based group that markets various shoe brands, including Legero, Superfit, Vios and Think – has basically completed a reorganization of its management around the group's chief executive, Stefan Stolitzka, creating various new positions.

Klarica, 45, left the Mars food group to join Legero in February. As a member of the executive board, she is responsible for sales, marketing, digitalization and retail for all the group's brands.

Sebastian Koch was appointed to the new position of director of Legero's digital business unit in March. Koch had worked for Otto for the previous nine years. His task now is to align the growing digital department with corporate goals and to meet the continuously increasing requirements of online clients.

Dennis Kahle was recently made regional manager for Central Europe, including the German-speaking countries, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. He replaces Uwe Staudinger, who left the company at his own request at the end of June. Katherine Braun will be managing sales in Central Europe until Koch starts to work for Legero United in September. Braun has been director of international sales at Legero United for the past 20 years. Koch worked previously for Nike and Ecco.

The Nordic region is handled by Jonas Rampe, who was previously responsible for Sweden. Katherine Braun will continue to take care of Eastern and Southern Europe

Doris Glatt has been named as head of marketing and communications, starting next month. Glatt joined Legero United as interim marketing manager last October. She worked previously for Nike, Apple and Young & Rubicam, a German-based advertising agency.

Christine Weiss was appointed to the new position of director of Legero United's retail business unit in June. Weiss worked previously in executive positions for Calzedonia and A1 in Austria. She will be managing cooperation with the specialized trade, including stores and shop-in-shops. Legero United will be opening the Shoemakers Outlet, a new flagship store in Graz, in March 2020.

Last but not least, Markus Fuchs has been appointed to the new position of director of customer sales service, which he will be taking up in September. Fuchs has 20 years of experience in customer service for various sectors.

The corporate reorganization coincides with the last phases of the €30 million construction of a new head office in Graz for the company, which is partly owned by the Ara group. The new campus, which should be completed by next January, will consist of two round structures. One of them will accommodate 350 employees and the other one will have a factory outlet of 1,400 square meters.

Reportedly, a second phase will allow an expansion of the staff to 550 people, with a goal of reaching annual sales of €350 million by 2023. Including the workers at a new factory opened in India in April 2018, Legero employs more than 1,300 people around the world.