Setting up shop in China is a major ambition for Lottusse. The company currently has seven stores in the country, but says it plans on having 50 there in two years’ time. The company would not give details about the implementation of this plan, and would only confirm its existence.

Putting stores in China is not the only strategic direction for the Spanish company, which came under new management earlier this year in connection with a generational change. Lottusse is also developing new and less conservative styles. They are supposed to be modern, but not necessarily fashionable.

The restructuring process began last January when the company’s reigns were handed over to Juan-Antonio Fluxa, 35, the son of Don Antonio Fluxa. Juan-Amntonio’s sister, Catalina Fluxa, 32, is handling marketing for the company.

A new international sales manager and a new designer with interesting backgrounds were also appointed at the beginning of this year. Carlo Avanzato, 39, who was previous in charge of international sales at Hugo Boss’ former shoe and apparel licensee, joined the company in Mallorca to carry out a similar function at Lottusse. Gabriel Canellas, also 39 years old, left Georgio Armani to be the new creative director.

Lottusse, which is owned by the same family that owns Camper, has a lot of work to do on the European market outside Spain, where it is said to have only 140 clients. In 2004, it reportedly had total sales of €24 million, of which only 6 percent were exports.