The Lumberjack line of footwear marketed by Italy’s 3A Antonini will be more and more “made in Italy,” in spite of the strong development of the brand on the Chinese market. The company is in fact predicting that the number of its Lumberjack stores in that country will reach 65 units by the end of 2008, but says it has decided to use the “made in Italy” slogan to appeal to the growing affluent population that is visiting its Chinese stores.

The first three Lumberjack stores were opened in China last year. Another five will follow during the 1st half of 2007, including a door in the prestigious Lufthansa Center of Beijing. For the 2nd half, five new stores are planned in Shanghai and five others in the area of Guangzouh. The retail program is conducted by a new retail partner of Lumberjack, Cape Label, following the termination of a previous deal with a Chinese manufacturer, Honguo.

The anti-dumping duties imposed by the European Union on leather shoes from China and Vietnam no doubt weighted on 3A Antonini’s decision. The future lines will be made or assembled partly in Italy and in other European countries, with the exception of certain specific models where non-European manufacturers have a special know-how, such as tressed sandals in India and hand-sewn mocassins in South America.

The new strategy will be implemented with the help of Giancarlo Errico, who has been appointed to the new position of general manager of 3A Antonini. The 56-year-old manager previously worked as general manager or commercial director at various Italian companies, particularly in the food sector. Andrea Martini Antonini remains as vice chairman and chief executive of the company.