Macintosh, the Dutch retail group that comprises the Dolcis, Manfield, Invito and PROsport chains, has seen the sales of its continuing businesses rise by 28.5 percent to €470 million in the first half of this year. This not only reflects the acquisition of Scapino, another Dutch footwear chain which Macintosh bought in February, but also a sales increase of 6.7 percent for comparable activities – excluding the Superconfex fashion stores, which were divested last year.

Sales in the fashion division, which includes the footwear business, rocketed from €60.4 million to €149.4 million, again due to the acquisition of Scapino as well as significantly higher sales at the other shoe chains. The growth partly comes from expansion since the company opened 7 footwear stores during the period, bringing the tally to 223, but sales also rose on a comparable basis. Scapino itself enjoyed a sizeable year-on-year sales rise in the last five months of the period.

Macintosh points out that these results contrast sharply with the overall Dutch footwear market, which declined by 0.8 percent during the 6 months according to the GfK. Operating profits for the fashion division exploded from €2.3 million to €15.5 million, lifting its overall operating profits to €24.7 million, up from €14.2 million.