Markt, a consumer magazine that was aired on ARD, the German TV channel, tested shoes for hazardous substances with a focus on the presence of Chromium VI as well as amines that are suspected of causing cancer. CADS, the cooperative against dangerous substances of more than 70 shoe manufacturers and retailers that is part of the German Footwear Institute (DSI), criticized the evaluation of the results of the study conducted by the TV magazine, which tested five pairs of men and women's shoes from different manufacturers. All tested models met the legal requirements. However, the TV magazine conducted additional tests to find out whether the shoe models met the regulations of the international natural textiles industry association, IVN. Only three models met them. In conclusion, the TV magazine called for more strict legal regulations. CADS sent out an official statement criticizing the detection method for amines such as aniline and phenylenediamine, chemical substances that are used for the production of colors. They are firmly fixed in the coloring and thus do not represent a health risk, yet the detection method used for the German TV magazine destroyed the components of the coloring with an aggressive agent.