“Fall in love with the Beauty ye who enter” is an extract from “Paradise,” the last section of the Divine Comedy, the long poem completed by Dante Alighieri in 1320. It is also the theme chosen for the advertising campaign due to be launched for the next edition of Micam Milano, scheduled for Sept. 15-18.

The organizers are profiling the event in greater detail following a survey which shows, among other things, that 49 percent of the visitors are interested only in footwear and 39 percent in shoes and other products. A 64 percent majority of the visitors participate in purchasing decisions.

More than 53 percent of the visitors are 40 to 60 years old. The majority of Italian visitors are men, and 71 percent represent companies with a turnover of less than €1 million. Among the foreign visitors, the majority are women and 63 percent represent small retailrs. Only 11 percent work for large companies.

Retailers make up 36 percent of the foreign visitors, followed by manufacturers, designers, wholesalers and agents. At last February's Micam, 48 percent of the Spanish visitors were retailers. The same goes for 54 percent of the German visitors and 60 percent of the French visitors

Over the last eight editions of the Micam show, 84.5 percent of the visitors came from Italy and other European countries, 11.0 percent from Asia, 1.8 percent from North America, 1.5 percent from Africa, 1 percent from South America and 0.5 percent from Australia.

At the most recent edition of the fair, however, only 9.8 percent of the visitors came from Asia. Japan had the lead with a 19 percent share, followed by Turkey (18.3%) and China (15.8%). However, as previously remarked, the Chinese contingent was unusually low because of the Chinese New Year.

Among the European visitors, Italians naturally dominated the show with a share of 56 percent, followed by Spain (5.5%), France (4.3%) and Germany (4.0%).

Micam overhauled and optimized its website, themicam.com, in the second half of 2017 to facilitate browsing and interaction. Its website is now used by about 82 percent of the visitors to the show, and 82 percent registered through it electronically for its last session. Another 14 percent used the totem poles at the fair.