The organizers of the world's largest footwear trade show say they are putting in place a number of strategies on the communication front and others to help create an increasingly “customized” event for all the participants.

For this purpose, they have carried out an in-depth analysis of Micam's exhibitors and visitors, comparing figures collected during the past six editions of the event through September 2018 and checking them against the results of customer satisfaction surveys. The goal is to come up with new marketing, promotion and retention programs focusing on the different exhibitor clusters and to improve the layout of the pavilions and stands.

Once they had mapped out the exhibitors' product categories, origins, interests and frequency of participation in the Micam show, it turned out that 43 percent of the Italian exhibitors at the last session and 37 percent of all the exhibitors participated in all the last six editions of the fair. The organizers have identified a cluster of loyal participants that represented 67 percent of the Italian exhibitors at the last show, where only 11 percent of the Italian firms had a stand for the first time.

Out of the Italian exhibitors at the last show, 25.5 percent came from the Marche region, 21.6 percent from Campania and 16.2 percent from Tuscany. More than 70 percent of them were shoe producers and almost 10 percent distributors or retailers.

European companies represented 91 percent of all the exhibitors, and 61 percent of them were Italians, followed by companies from Spain and Portugal with shares of 15.2 percent and 7.5 percent, respectively. Asia was the origin of 4 percent of the exhibitors, the same as for companies from South America. One percent came from North America.

As in the past three years, the advertising campaign for 2019 will continue to be based on Dante's Divine Comedy, ending in Paradise after the Inferno and Purgatory. The device of Dante's journey is used to present shoes as objects of desire that trigger passions ranging from vice to virtue.

Creativity will remain a focus, with Micam's organizers stressing that their campaigns are intended to present footwear as a “work of art, a template for joy and completeness for all those capable of appreciating it, bringing new life to everything around it.” An ambitious target for the next show, scheduled to take place in Milan from Feb. 10 to 13.