Modacalzado did better than expected, according to the Spanish footwear industry federation, Fice. There were 9,208 visitors, a 36.7 percent drop from last year’s attendance. Of these, 82.6 percent were Spanish. The best-represented foreign countries were Portugal, Greece, France, Great Britain and Russia. With financial help from government authorities, 50 foreign buyers were invited to the show, coming from countries such as Russia, the Ukraine, Poland, thre Czech Republic and Hungary. They were 18 more than at the last edition of the fair. Running on March 17-19 in Madrid, the Spanish trade show drew 350 exhibitors, a drop of 29 percent compared with the 2008 show. In addition, many companies that were unhappy with last year’s fair set up their stands at hotels and other spaces around the city and invited visitors there. However, Fice thinks that three good days of work were put in, and that the seminars at Modacalzado were well attended. The 350 companies represented 700 footwear and leathergoods brands. The next Modacalzado will be Sept. 24-26.