A German shoe producer, Alois Beck, announced the establishment of a joint venture for the development, production and sale of a collection of women's and men's lounge shoes that will be made in Moldova by a local manufacturer, Floare, with an annual capacity of 1.6 million pairs. The new collection made in Moldova will be presented at the Expo Riva Schuh fair next month.

Reportedly, Floare had run into financial problems because of the insolvency of a major German client, Erich Rohde, but the new project has allowed it to resume production. Another partner in the venture is Michael Dornseifer, who has worked on and off for Rohde. Most recently, he acted as its international sales director and then as its sales manager for Germany and Austria until last summer. Dornseifer also has his own brand of shoes, called Bali-Bali.

The initiative has been criticized by Rohde's receiver, Frank Schmitt, because some of the models in the collection are similar to Rohde's classical styles. He is looking for new investors for the well-known German company, which is saddled by ancient liabilities, although its sales in the German-speaking countries and Scandinavia have been stable under its new management.