About 25 million pairs of footwear were sold in 2013 with Gore-Tex membranes for consumer-oriented applications in more than 50 countries around the world, along with an estimated nine million pieces of garments, pairs of gloves and other accessories.

The global footwear volume has been rising at an average compound annual rate of about 7 percent in recent years. The recent launch of Surround technology is giving a new boost to the growth, with an objective of five million pairs in the medium term, although some of the new models will probably use the older technology. Spring-summer 2015 orders for Gore Surround shoes are close to one million pairs.

Meanwhile, Gore-Tex is launching a new marketing campaign with a seven-digit budget across multiple channels during the current season in four countries - Germany, Italy, Sweden and the U.K. - to add visibility to its brand in all its applications across garments, footwear, gloves and other accessories. It will run under the “Experience the Difference” tagline and will involve more than one billion video, print and online impressions over the next two years.

Developed by a German agency, Zeichen & Wunder, the campaign follows its big “Feel Good” campaign in support of its new Surround technology. The new campaign is meant to show the emotions behind personal experiences in outdoor pursuits irrespective of weather conditions.