Claudio Alessi, an Italian manager who has spent 17 years with the Bata Shoe Organization in several countries, is returning to Italy to serve as president of Bata Europe at its office in Padua, overseeing the company's retail subsidiaries in Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Switzerland. In this position, he will be reporting to Alexis Nasard, who became Bata's group chief executive three years ago.

After running a chain of franchised Bata stores in Italy for ten years, Alessi joined the group in 2001. He worked as retail manager of Bata Thailand and Bata Indonesia. He then became managing director of Bata Thailand and Bata Iberia. He also ran Bata's product development center for Europe and its European franchising business. He most recently served as managing director for Bata Colombia between 2013 and 2018, creating a solid organization and expanding the local store network to more than 300 doors.

In addition to its own manufacturing operations in various continents, Bata has over 5,000 stores in more than 70 countries. About 300 of them operate in Europe, and most of them are located in Italy, where the group has more than 240 direct and franchised stores.

In his new role, Alessi will also serve as country manager for Italy. Barbara Franceschetto, who has been running the company's Italian operations since 2015, is being reassigned to a new global position as group product director. She has spent more than 20 years with the group. Before taking responsibility for the Italian market, as well as the company's smaller retail operations in Spain and Switzerland, Franceschetto held management roles at Bata in Singapore, Chile and Peru.

Last but not least, Luc Valentin joined Bata in December in the role of “chief human capital officer.” He previously worked for more than 21 years in human resources and other positions at leading groups with broad international responsibilities.

On the other hand, Matthew Cook, a former executive of Nike and Umbro who had joined the group in 2016 to be in charge of developed markets and the AW Lab business, left the company a couple of months ago.