Abicalçados, the Brazilian shoe industry association, is preparing a formal complaint to the Brazilian government requesting new measures to cope with a surge in imports from Asia which, it claims, has caused the loss of 5,000 jobs in the last few months. Big increases have been recorded especially from Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia since the Brazilian government imposed anti-dumping duties on China in September 2009, confirming them last March for a period of five years.

Between January and November 2010, shoe imports from Vietnam into Brazil shot up by 121 percent in value to US$124.4 million and by 101 percent in volume to 7.1 million pairs. At the same time, imports from Indonesia went up by 152 percent in value to $61.9 million and by 103 percent in volume to 3.5 million pairs. Imports from Malaysia jumped by 5,627 percent, growing from $300,000 to $19.4 million, with growth in volume of 7,731 percent ? from 70,000 to 5.2 million pairs.

Furthermore, Brazil imported significantly higher quantities of shoe uppers and soles from China as well as Paraguay. Their combined value increased by 139 percent to $16.8 million. As Paraguay doesn't produce any footwear on an industrial scale, Abicalçados is suspecting circumvention and triangulation.