Nicaragua plans to show off its increasingly competitive footwear production platform at an international footwear investment forum being held on June 13-14 in Managua. About 30 participants will attend Nicaragua, the Right Step, including visitors from the U.S., Italy, Brazil and Central America. They will represent footwear manufacturers, brands, industry associations, retailers and industry consultants. PRONicaragua, the official investment promotion agency for the country, is organizing the event with an eye to promoting and developing the footwear sector, which has increased in importance in the last few years. Topics to be covered at the forum include the international footwear market, industry trends, commercial footwear rules and market access. Participants will also get the chance to take tours of international footwear manufacturing facilities in Nicaragua. The organizers point to recent investments in Nicaragua by two Brazilian shoe producers, Schmidt Irmaos and Aniger, which should together generate about 5,200 jobs in the country.