Nous, a new concept store around streetwear and high-tech, has been launched in Paris by a group of former workers of Colette's Parisian boutique, led by Sébastien Chapelle and Marvin Dein. The opening comes just a few weeks after the closure of Colette's Parisian boutique on Dec. 20, where Chapelle and Dein used to manage the high-tech/watches and sneakers departments, respectively. The new 150-square-meter concept store is located at 48 rue Cambon, in Paris' 1st district, not far from the former location of Colette's, which had been at 213 rue Saint-Honoré for 20 years. Nous sells a diverse range of products including sneakers and streetwear but also high-tech accessories, watches and books focused on street culture. Unlike Colette, it will sell neither women's fashion nor make-up.