For its innovative loyalty program, the big Russian footwear retailer is set to test the use of a single-touch wristband, called Arifmetika, for payment at its stores. Obuv Rossii is the first shoe retail company in the country to introduce such a system.

A first test batch of 5,000 wristbands will be distributed in Obu Rossii's stores in Siberia in October. If all goes well, Obuv Rossii said it planned to release around 20,000 wristbands per year and distribute them through the entire territory of the country.

With this step the company aims to attract some additional customers among children, young people and senior citizens. The company explained that, for various security reasons, these categories of customers may not be carrying bank cards and many not want to put their credit card information on their mobile phones.

The wristband works on a contactless payment principle, thanks to a built-in chip with the customer's bank information on it. The user inserts a SIM card and activates the wristband through a personal account on Arifmetika's web site or through its mobile app.

Decidedly, retailers in the post-Soviet region are coming up with many innovative solutions. Another example is the new try-on app developed by Wannaby in Belarus and adopted by Lamoda (see page 9 of our previous issue).