The big Russian footwear retailer has begun selling shoes through the Tmall marketplace operated by Aliexpress Russia, and plans to use that channel to enter new countries including Georgia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Obuv Rossii said it has begun with a test with women's shoes under its own flagship brand, Westfalika.

Obuv Rossii is focused on developing online sales. Timur Efimov, head of the group's online sales department, said this channel has proven to be a promising niche, as in the first nine months of 2019, the company's online sales increased by 29.5 percent, representing 13.8 percent of total revenues.

He said that Tmall will help Obuv Rossii “to reach a new audience and to attract customers from different regions of Russia,” in addition to expanding operations to some neighboring countries where the company is not delivering its products yet.

The prices charged on Tmall for Obuv Rossii's goods will be similar to the retail prices in the company's physical stores, but the company said it would study the demand and consider some sales promotions for Tmall customers.