Oliberté's factory in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia has been Fair Trade certified by Fair Trade USA. The factory, which employs 59 workers, celebrated its first anniversary in August and is expected to produce over 25,000 pairs of shoes over the next year. To become Fair Trade Certified, the facility had to meet Fair Trade USA's 255 standards and undergo a two-day, on-site audit that evaluated working conditions and environmental stewardship. Oliberté claims that the factory is the first Fair Trade Certified footwear manufacturing factory in the world. Staff at that factory get paid over double the minimum wage required in Ethiopia, including a community development premium. Women are entitled a 90-day maternity leave and they benefit from the factory's equal rights policy. All staff undergo weekly doctor visits to check their health. In addition, the decision-making process is made transparent through the presence of a workers' committee. The factory also commits to the respect of the environment by recycling and reusing materials when possible, and by not using specific toxic chemicals. Oliberté is now shipping its new line of fall and winter footwear for men and women, featuring the Fair Trade Certified Factory logo, to retailers throughout North America and overseas. Currently, the facility in Addis Ababa is Oliberté's main operation and factory. The Canada-based company also sources materials and components from Kenya, South Africa, Mauritius and Liberia.