On its inaugural Checkerboard Day, which took place on Nov. 21, Vans put its headquarters on pause, donated about $1 million to Imagination.org and announced the Vans Checkerboard Fund, which will support charities worldwide that “enable creative expression through Vans' core pillars of action sports, art, music and street culture.” The donation to Imagination.org derives from Vans' global sales on Checkerboard Day and proceeds from its Global Ambassador Charity Auction – with eBay for Charity – of one-of-a-kind designs by Vans' ambassadors. It will serve to found about 100 new creativity chapters by October 2020 and bolster the 150 chapters that already exist in about 20 countries and serve about 10,000 kids. The American skate-shoe company's charitable donations since 2013 exceed $6 million.