On the occasion of Black Friday last month, Masaltos.com launched a new women's brand, Olivia Nature, with shoes designed for comfort and environmental friendliness. Their “leather” is plant-based, their soles are made of biodegradable polyurethane, they contain no metals, and they are recyclable. The new line developed by the Spanish company, based in Seville, is sold exclusively on the internet, as are 95 percent of Masaltos' shoes. Prices start at €89 per pair, and delivery is guaranteed within 48 hours anywhere in Europe. Masaltos, whose name means “taller,” has spent the past 25 years producing men's shoes with built-in lifts of up to seven centimeters. In that time frame, it has sold to 90,000 customers in 120 countries. It currently sells about 15,000 pairs per year. On the other hand, none of the 25 models in the Olivia Nature line have lifts. The styles – which include ballet flats, boots, ankle boots, sports shoes, moccasins and heels – take inspiration from women of historical note, such as Isabella Duncan and Coco Chanel.