A new virtual shoe shop is about to be launched by Otto, the largest mail-order and internet retailer in Europe. Called www.mirapodo.de, it is described as an innovative online store with the largest choice of shoes in Germany, providing information on fitting and offering free delivery and free return of unwanted merchandise within 100 days.

Using Otto's huge database of customers, mirapodo.de has already started to invite potential clients to participate in the beta version of the launch, ordering shoes and providing feedback before the final roll-out.

Sales over the internet make up around 60 percent of Otto's turnover as the company, which celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2009, was a pioneer in e-commerce. Thanks to a projected 30 percent jump in its online sales, the German retail group has predicted a double-digit increase in turnover for the year ending Feb. 28. Its total sales reached €1,667 million last year.

Currently, Görtz claims the leadership in online shoe sales in Germany, representing about 10 percent of the shoe retail chain's total turnover, which is not being publicized.