Parabiago Collezioni, the maker of Thierry Rabotin shoes, has finally moved into its new factory in Busto Garolfo, Italy, after two and a half years of construction. The facility consists of a 2,000-square-meter, single-story manufacturing plant and a two-story office building with the same area.

The new factory employs a total of about 70 workers, more than those at thed former plant, but it is supported by a former Gabor factory in Austria and by third-party workshops in the Parabiago area. The work flow is structured in a very special way.

The company wanted to situate the new facility near its former factory in Parabiago, settling on the current location in Via dell'Industria 38-40/C. The company said the site allowed it to meet environmental demands with an architecture that conveyed Parabiago Collezioni's philosophy, based on the concept of solidity, along with a long-term vision.

A key focus was on efficient energy consumption. The main building has a lightweight aluminum façade that ensures high-performance thermal energy storage and features acoustic, insulating fixed-glass elements that emphasize natural light and allow the sun to provide its own energy. The facilities use a geothermal system to limit the use of natural resources and to cut down on carbon emissions. A monovalent geothermal heat-pump system uses groundwater as a heat source in the winter and as a cooling source in the summer. It also provides warm water in the buildings.

The building also boasts extensive vegetation on the roof, which retains rainwater and returns it to the atmosphere as well as reduces the amount of runoff, easing the burden on the local sewage system. The plants also capture dust and filter harmful substances that might be in the rainwater.

The new plant's capacity is boosted by high-technology machinery and modern data-processing systems, which support the traditional shoemaking methods used in the manufacture of Thierry Rabotin footwear. The open production line is ergonomic, meeting each employee's needs for comfort and efficiency.

Parabiago Collezioni was founded in 1999 and has always been dedicated to sustainable growth, while maintaining the quality of the Thierry Rabotin brand. The company has 800 clients in more than 50 countries worldwide.