Pavers Shoes, the British footwear chain, is launching hybrid stores with two adjacent doors, offering full-price footwear under the Pavers Shoes banner literally next door to a Pavers Outlet selling the same brands at a reduced price. Tested in Ireland, the concept was just introduced on the British market in Poole, and Pavers has already earmarked another six locations for this hybrid formula.

The Poole store sells about 40 percent of full-priced shoes and 60 percent of footwear at reduced prices. The brands are almost the same on both sides but the offering in the full-priced section is more varied, both in terms of fits and ranges.

Pavers currently has 53 outlets in the UK and Ireland, and nearly half of them are outlet stores. Only 8 of the others are standalone stores with a full-priced offering, while the remaining stores are concessions. This brick-and-mortar retail business generates sales of about £35 million (€51.9m-$66.2m), and Pavers intends to expand the store network at a rate of about 10 stores annually. The company is also growing through, its online store, which generates annual sales of an estimated £5.5 million (€8.2m-$10.4m).