Perús, a fair-trade brand of Peruvian-themed footwear and accessories, has opened a store in the Marais neighborhood of Paris. The young company dates back to a backpacking trip taken by its three French founders – Nicolas Langlois d'Estaintot, Armand de Juniac and Henri Flouquet – through Latin America in 2014. In Cusco, Peru, they came across some Peruvian sneakers that seemed marketable in Europe. By December of that year they had crowdfunded a company to produce those sneakers – in Peru itself – and sell them online. The expected 200 orders ballooned into more than 1,500, and they have been expanding their operations ever since. In addition to adding backpacks, the founders crowdfunded a second brand, Pirua, for Bolivian-made sweaters. To keep things simple, however, Pirua will soon be moving to the Perús brand name. To keep profit margins workable and prices down, direct sales remain the priority for now. However, with its headquarters in France, Perús might soon shift its production closer to home, Portugal being a prime candidate. In keeping with its fair-trade policy, though, the company is retaining commitments to the countries of its inspiration, Peru and Bolivia. For every pair of shoes sold, Perús funds a day's operation of a school in San Jeronimo, a suburb of Cusco, and for every sweater sold, the company donates one euro to an association that conducts educational projects for the children of El Alto, a suburb of La Paz.