Pollini increased sales by 15.0 percent to €25.3 million in the first nine months of the year. In the meantime, the shoemaker's parent company, Aeffe, booked a 14.0 percent increase in overall sales to €197.4 million. Sales of the ready-to-wear activity rose by 10.3 percent to €157.8 million and revenues of the overall footwear and leathergoods business rose by 31.0 percent to €50.7 million. The turnover by product line does not include intra-company adjustments. The group's Ebitda margin rose to 9.7 percent from 3.4 percent a year earlier, lifted by the return to profitability of the footwear and leathergoods business, which posted a positive Ebitda of €1 million compared with a loss of €3.6 million a year earlier. Aeffe's bottom line showed a €0.1 million profit compared with a €5.1 million loss a year earlier.