Prada has appointed Nicola Antonacci as its new South Europe regional director. Antonacci will be responsible for Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece and Turkey, and will be based at Prada's headquarters in Milan. Prior to this new role, Antonacci was Prada's managing director for the U.S. He joined Prada as head of retail merchandising worldwide for Prada Man ready-to-wear in Jan. 2000. From Nov. 2003 to March 2010, he held global responsibility for Prada Man's ready-to-wear merchandising operations. He then moved shortly to Givenchy, where he was responsible for men's ready-to-wear until Dec. 2011, when he moved back to Prada, first as retail director for the Prada and Miu Miu brand in Brazil and then, in April 2012, as senior vice-president of Prada USA retail and wholesale. In Sept. 2015, he was promoted to North America regional director. Following Antonacci's recent appointment, Pierre Fayard has taken over the role as North America regional director, while Pablo Carola is now responsible for the Middle East and South Africa region.